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A blog on plant floor quality: IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, layered process audits, 5S, health and safety, gemba & more. Our software, Beacon Quality, simplifies these processes with our mobile auditing solution.

Making the Most of Your Layered Process Audit Data

Oct 31, 2017  |  Nicolas Minbiole

Layered process audit (LPA) programs generate prolific data from process audits that take place as often as multiple times per shift. Distilling actionable insights from the data sets can be overwhelming, so it’s important to ask—are you looking at the right data?

The answer lies in using a mix of both proactive and reactive data, and focusing on the critical few metrics driving your most important quality goals. Companies must also leverage internal resources to take action quickly, rather than getting bogged down in data collection and analysis.

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Layered Process Audit Systems: Making an Impact Leadership Will Notice

Aug 14, 2017  |  Nicolas Minbiole

Quality professionals are the unsung heroes of manufacturing. Your top goal is reducing defects and improving quality, and yet sometimes it feels like all you get is resistance.

Taking the time to do things right can impact production targets, often meaning that quality is only valuable to the point that it reduces defects to tolerable levels. In many cases, you’re also contending with inefficient systems focused more on reacting to problems than preventing them.

If you’re facing these roadblocks and wondering how you can make your mark, a layered process audit (LPA) program is a high-return initiative that can help you do it.

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