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Layered Process Audit Template : Download Now!


Layered process audit software built for the mobile era

Meet Beacon Quality, the leading layered process audit software helping Quality Managers slash quality costs

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Easy-to-use mobile audit software for bigger, faster quality results

Cut administrative busywork

Automated scheduling, reminders and data analysis let up to 2 full-time employees do more important work

Accelerate continuous improvement

Get more value from layered process audits with tools to protect audit integrity and close the loop on non-conformances

Get instant insights

Custom dashboards give you a real-time snapshot of processes, no manual data entry required

Cut admin time by up to 85%

Automated email notifications

Send reminders with links to mobile checklists and notify supervisors of missed audits

Smart scheduling

Assign audits around time off, holidays and planned downtime, all in under 10 minutes

Closed-loop shopfloor corrective actions

Record mitigations, launch corrective actions and shorten time to closure

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Build a culture of quality

Ensure process standardization

Prevent pencil-whipping with randomized questions, rotating auditors and timed audits

Add visual standards

Include photos with audit questions to better show good vs. unacceptable

Cut defects and costs

Real-time audit data lets you act on process errors ASAP, before they cause defects

Achieve ROI faster

Cloud-based mobile platform means you're up and running in a few days, not a few weeks

Simplify audit reporting


User-friendly dashboards

Monitor KPIs and trends with custom dashboards, reports and distribution options 

Avoid blind spots and delays

Access audit data instantly, when findings are most actionable and problems are less expensive to fix

Make data-driven decisions 

Drill down to pinpoint problems, or roll up for a high-level performance view

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What are layered process audits?

Layered process audits focus on how products are made, rather than inspecting finished products. Layered Process Audits detect process errors early to reduce defects and complaints, building a culture of quality through leadership engagement and communication.

Several industries have adopted layered process audits to add extra verification around high-risk processes. GM and Fiat Chrysler both require suppliers to establish layered process audit programs with documented evidence of continuous improvement.


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ROI of Aerospace supplier with layered process audits

Aerospace supplier case study

Learn how a leading aerospace supplier reduced complaints over 50% in six months with layered process audits.



Automotive case study

Automotive case study

See how a Top 50 auto supplier cut internal PPM by 73% with Layered Process Audits.



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