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Layered Process Audit Template : Download Now!

Solutions for Manufacturers

Beacon Quality is a high-frequency audit application that prevents defects at the source.

Solutions for Manufacturers
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Solutions for Manufacturers-Ease.png
Solutions for Manufacturers-Ease.png
Beacon Quality helps manufacturers around the world implement good manufacturing practices (GMP) and perform better overall while ensuring compliance with layered process audits, handling mitigation, and providing comprehensive reporting.

Hold the gains in quality improvements

Meet Beacon Quality, the leading layered process audit platform helping automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturers, slash administrative overhead by 85%.

Close the Loop

Quality and compliance improve dramatically when high-frequency audits go mobile, allowing for real-time reporting for you and your boss.

Cut Defects and Costs

Real-time audit data lets you act on process errors ASAP, before they cause defects and customer compliance issues.

Ensure process standardization

Prevent pencil-whipping with randomized questions, rotating auditors, and timed audits, without all the hassle of managing and chasing paper.

Achieve ROI faster

Cloud-based mobile platform means you’re up and running in a few days, not a few months, so you can focus on the tasks at hand rather than double-entering data into a spreadsheet.


Auditing the Process Whitepaper

Improve quality and compliance while reducing cost of administration and failures



Cost of Quality

Do you know your real Cost of Quality?

The average company loses 10-40% in annual revenue on quality costs. A big part of the problem is that most companies don't even bother to track the cost of quality, and those that do, tend to ignore key costs.




Designed to provide tremendous value the day you turn it on

Accessible From Anywhere

Web-based, zero-deployment design means painless implementation, with no installation or support headaches.

Handle All Types of Assessments

Don't silo your LPA, 5S, Safety, and similar data in different systems. Handles all of these and more through Beacon Quality.

Responsive, Intuitive User Interface

With shared question pools and libraries, powerful scheduling, and easy reporting, Beacon Quality virtually eliminates administrative overhead.

Near-Zero Administration

Get up and running in days, not months, thanks to our cloud-based solution. Easily assign audits around time off, holidays and planned downtime, all in under 10 minutes.

Actionable Intelligence

Configurable real-time dashboards with drill-down charts, and automated notifications and alerts allows you to focus on really moving the needle.

Closed-loop corrective action

Record mitigations during the audit, then launch shop floor corrective actions and shorten time to closure.