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2018 in Review: A letter from Ease’s CEO

Dear Champions for Quality,

Ease has been providing technology solutions in manufacturing for more than 30 years. Since the beginning, our success has depended on making your job easier. We built Beacon Quality to help you see, improve, and collaborate where it matters most: on the plant floor. 

Over the last year, we’ve watched you use Beacon Quality to better manage and improve performance of your quality programs on more plant floors than ever before.  Here are some of the milestones from 2018:

  • More than 750 manufacturing sites now use Beacon Quality for layered process audits, 5S, internal audits, HSE, and more
  • More than 16,000 users, helping put quality into the hands of many!
  • More than 304,800 audits completed in 2018
  • Our first annual Champions for Quality awards, with dozens of nominations, 12 finalists, and over 1,000 votes.
  • Our second annual Beacon User Summit, a full day about plant floor quality, training and networking.
  • Culture of Excellence webinars, with over 1200 attendees: A big thanks to our guest speakers: Ali Rizwan, Murray Sittsamer, and Praveen Gupta.  
  • Beacon Quality training webinars, continues grow with more live group trainings every month
  • Our first Industry Survey and ‘State of LPA & CA’ report (publishing in January), with hundreds of responses in the US and Canada. This survey helps us understand your needs as well as on-time audit completion rates, industry benchmarks, and performance metrics.

As we enter the new year, here are some highlights of what you can expect from us in 2019:

  • Enhanced auditing capabilities, with calendar integration, more customizable fields, and expanded reporting.
  • Newly broadened Corrective Actions module with even more features planned for the rest of the year. Some of our customers are already doing corrective actions on Beacon Quality and you can expect more capabilities such as advanced reporting, expanded work-flows, mobile app availability, lessons learned, 3rd party integration, and more.  More information to come about availability and adding this capability to your site.  
  • Our Beacon User Summit will be virtual in 2019. To better connect to our global audience, our Beacon User Summit will be streamed live from our Orange County, California home! 
  • Our busiest webinar calendar ever. Expansion of our Culture of Excellence webinars: more speakers, more topics, and more education for our audience of Quality Champions!
  • Road show in your area. Our sales and customer success teams would like to visit your site! If you’d like to be included on their roadshows in 2019, please email sales or support.   
  • Champions for Quality Awards focused on Plant Floor Quality; This year we hope you enter to tell the world your story of how you continue to impact quality.

Like you, we are always looking to improve and find new ways that Beacon Quality can make a difference on the plant floor. We want your input on how you want to use Beacon Quality. Whether it improves visibility, communication, or eliminates a paper process being done on the plant floor, we want to hear about your challenges. Also, what kind of educational webinars would be helpful for you in the upcoming year? What’s top-of-mind for you as 2019 begins that we can help you with? Feel free to email myself (estoop@easeinc.com) or Rachel, our Marketing Director (Rachel.pradhan@easeinc.com).

We look forward to continuing to support your needs for plant floor quality in 2019, and for years to come.

Thanks for being a Champion for Quality!

Eric Stoop, CEO

Press Contact

Gavin Drake

Ease, Inc.

+1 (949) 348-7516


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