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News and Press

Beacon Quality 1.26.2 Release

On November 20th, 2018, the 1.26.2 patch of Beacon Quality was released. The most important improvement with this patch is the addition of a report panel for corrective actions. The "Days Remaining in Corrective Actions" report allows you to see how many corrective actions are past due or are due in the next week, in 2 weeks, or due in more than 2 weeks. You can add this panel to your reports page by clicking the orange gear and selecting "Days Remaining in Corrective Actions" report it from the list.


Other improvements

We've made several other small improvements and fixed issues that were reported by customers. Do you have a feature request for Beacon Quality? Then head over to our feature request portal! Read and vote on feature requests already posted, or add your own requests. If you have a customer support request, you can always get help by emailing support@easeinc.com

For full release notes

If you want to review the full release notes, click the menu on top right of the Beacon Quality app, click on the icon for your profile, and click on "Version 1.26.2".

 1.26.2 release

Press Contact

Rachel Pradhan

Ease, Inc.

+1 (949) 348-7516


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