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Beacon Quality Announces Data Warehouse for Enterprise Level Reporting

Company announces the release of their Beacon Quality Data Warehouse - an enterprise level database query and management system.

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., May 31st, 2018 – It has been well documented that cultivating a culture of quality leads to immense cost savings, employee engagement, and consumer loyalty.  Data is an integral component to quality that cannot be overlooked.  It is what drives process standardization, informs leadership engagement, empowers open communication, and solidifies customer expectations.  Ease believes in empowering organizations to maximize their data to drive quality in their organization.  With that mission in mind, Beacon Quality Data Warehouse was designed. 

The Beacon Quality Data Warehouse is an enterprise-class relational database query and management system, designed to handle large amounts of data in multiple-stage operations.  Built on Amazon Redshift, utilizing massive parallel processing and columnar data storage, the Beacon Quality Data Warehouse puts the power of data in the customer's control with customized schemas, responsive queries, and business intelligence integration. 

To better understand the power of the Data Warehouse, take a look at some specific examples below:

Failures are an important data point in any audit process and help reveal the gaps that lead to better quality.  Beacon Quality provides the capability of tagging audits, which when combined with a BI tool like Tableau can provide some very insightful data:


What the above report shows is the combined total of failures over time, categorized by tags that were in Beacon Quality.  Data like this, visualized in an easy to read format, will help plants better understand where failures are coming from and to focus resolution.  In this example, which is test data used for presentation purposes, “Quality” and “Workstation” represents a large portion of failures in a plant, which could lead to some powerful changes when further investigated.

Another example would be reviewing audits completed over time, to showcase the progress or lack of progress in an organization.  The data warehouse provides some powerful visualizations for that as well.  First look at audits completed over time, filtered by location:


This scatter plot is a great way to visualize how productive different locations in an organization are faring when it comes to completing audits.  With the x-axis showing a time range, and the y-axis showing a sum of completed audits per location, one can easily begin to locate and visualize trend lines per location.

By simply changing the filter in Tableau, one can view the same data from a different perspective – Organization Layer:


Both reports were built in a matter of minutes by joining two tables in the data warehouse database and dragging the appropriate fields in to the Tableau data fields.  It’s very similar to how one might create a pivot chart. In addition, the same dataset can be used for varied insights across the organization, as shown above. 

The Data Warehouse is not limited to Tableau.  Practically any business intelligence tool on the market integrates with Amazon Redshift, and we have customers today utilizing tools like Power BI, SAP Lumira, Tableau, and many more.  This is a big step for organizations looking to expand the power of data in their organization, and we are excited to help you get there. 

If you're interested in learning more about the Data Warehouse for better reporting of your layered process audit systems, then contact us at BeaconQuality.com. 

About Beacon Quality: Founded in 1986, Ease, Inc. is the leading provider of cloud-based and on-premise layered process audit (LPA) software Beacon Quality, for the automotive and aerospace industries.

We have decades of experience helping companies improve visibility and control at every stage of production, with tools that promote company-wide engagement and operational excellence. Our mission: empowering businesses to deliver higher quality products better, faster and at lower cost.

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