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Beacon Quality CTO, Scot Larsen, Sets Vision for Software Product Roadmap

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MISSION VIEJO, Calif., May 31st, 2018— At the 2018 Beacon User Summit on May 8th, Ease, Inc.’s CTO Scot Larsen, announced the product roadmap for Beacon Quality.

What's New?

  • Data Warehouse – The Beacon Quality Data Warehouse is an enterprise-class relational database query and management system, designed to handle large amounts of data in multiple-stage operations. Built on Amazon Redshift, utilizing massive parallel processing and columnar data storage, Beacon Quality Data Warehouse puts the power of data in your control with customized schemas, responsive queries, and business intelligence integration.
  • Beacon Quality V1.23 Opt-in Beta – Beacon Quality upgraded its foundational architecture to increase performance, improve stability, and to keep Beacon Quality relevant with future technologies. Users can opt into the beta now by clicking the “!” icon on the top right of the screen while logged into the app.

The Now

  • Technology Upgrade V1.23 – By the end of June, the beta will be the live version for everyone on Beacon Quality.
  • Corrective Actions Improvements – Beacon Quality is starting on improvements to the corrective actions module:
    • Distinct and granular for permissions
    • More setup options to ensure consistency in corrective actions records
    • More notifications to people that need to stay informed
    • More options for sharing
    • Lessons Learned - Push corrective actions to other plants for review

What’s Next?

  • Android App – All the same functionality as Beacon Quality’s iOS app will be coming to Android.
  • Scheduling performance – Beacon Quality’s engineering team is looking at how to improve the scheduling speed while keeping all the same functionality users currently enjoy from the audit scheduler.
  • Most popular user requests – Based on the top requests from Beacon Quality’s existing users, which can be found here: https://easeinc.tpondemand.com/helpdesk/requests


  • Mitigation Enhancements – Many of Beacon Quality’s product requests revolve around mitigations, and thus there is an opportunity to combine these requests into an overhaul of mitigations.
  • Improved In-App reporting – Beacon Quality will be leveraging the data warehouse to make reporting more efficient and flexible, including more charts and more options for the existing charts.


About Beacon Quality: Founded in 1986, Ease, Inc. is the leading provider of cloud-based and on-premise layered process audit (LPA) software Beacon Quality, for the automotive and aerospace industries.

We have decades of experience helping companies improve visibility and control at every stage of production, with tools that promote company-wide engagement and operational excellence. Our mission: empowering businesses to deliver higher quality products better, faster and at lower cost.

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