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News and Press

Beacon Quality Update 1.26 Launches October 15th, 2018

We recently deployed 1.26, which includes an update to our iOS app and the brand new Android app, as well as new features:

Change Locations Before Auditing

With the 1.26 release, we added a popular request from users to enable auditors to easily change the location of their audit before they start. This feature is perfect for those cases in which an audit is scheduled in a location that is not currently in operation due to shift schedules, maintenance, or production demands. See our explanation video here:

Change Location Before Initiating an Audit from Ease, Inc. on Vimeo.

New Roles for Users for Corrective Actions

The new release also included a new set of roles for users. These new roles allow administrators to grant specific permissions for our corrective action features. We've included a few defaults to help get you started, but you can customize them to match the way you complete corrective actions. See our explanation video here: 

Corrective Actions Roles and Permissions from Ease, Inc. on Vimeo.

Other Beacon Quality Updates

Some other changes we've introduced:

  • Changes to the "past due" mitigation emails to eliminate excess notifications
  • Combined the settings menus into one page with several tabs
  • Various UI enhancements and minor issues resolved

If you want to review the full release notes, go to the menu on top right of the Beacon Quality app, click on the icon for your profile, and click on "Version 1.26.0".


We Want to Hear from You

Do you have a feature request for Beacon Quality? Then head over to our feature request portal! Read and vote on feature requests already posted, or add your own requests. If you have a customer support request, you can always get help by emailing support@easeinc.com

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