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Ease, Inc. launches Beacon Quality Website, Reflecting Focus and Continued Expansion of Mobile Audit and Process Performance Platform

Company announces new website and logo as part of Beacon Quality campaign.

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., February 16, 2018—Ease, Inc. today announced the launch of their new website for Beacon Quality, a move aligned with the rapid growth of the company’s mobile audit and corrective action tools.

“Our mobile audit platform, Beacon Quality, continued to increase its momentum in 2017. Due largely to our manufacturing clients reporting huge reductions in defects and customer complaints,” says Eric Stoop, Chief Executive Officer. He adds that the company will continue to support its earlier products focused on work instructions and labor standards. “Our company was founded on providing innovations that help the people working on the factory floor and that continues to be our top priority.”

Our increased focus on Beacon Quality means www.easeinc.com will become www.beaconquality.com, and the website will also feature the new Beacon Quality logo. EaseWorks, the company’s original suite of products for the shop floor, can be found at easeinc.beaconquality.com.

Beacon Quality is the leading platform for layered process audits (LPAs), a type of high-frequency audit proven to help manufacturers dramatically reduce defects, complaints and quality costs. LPAs are required for all General Motors (GM) and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) suppliers, and the practice is quickly spreading to aerospace suppliers and other large manufacturers seeking to minimize defects and increase quality to stay competitive.

“The work involved with scheduling, managing and entering findings from high-frequency audits has been a huge challenge for manufacturers,” says Stoop. “Beacon Quality changes the equation, automating the administrative side, simplifying data collection while delivering actionable data to fix process errors before they cause defects.”

The new website follows some noteworthy additions to the executive team at Ease, including Schneider Electric veteran Scot Larsen as Chief Technical Officer and joining from SecureAuth is Gene Kim as Chief Financial Officer. Ease also added Grant Nadell as Vice President of Sales coming from Dyntek Services and VMware. Upcoming product plans include the public launch of the highly anticipated iOS and Andriod app versions of Beacon Quality which allow the completion of multiple mobile audits without any connectivity.

Stoop says, “With global manufacturers dedicating more of their budgets to addressing the cost of quality at the point of production, we expect 2018 will be another amazing year for Beacon Quality. Moreover, we look forward to further collaboration with our customers on increased functionality for corrective actions and internal audits.”

To learn more, sign-up for Beacon Quality’s free webinar on Effective Corrective Actions hosted by the Director of Quality for Continental, Ali Rizwan, on February 28th, or request a free demo of Beacon Quality, visit www.beaconquality.com.

About Ease Inc. and Beacon Quality : Founded in 1986, Ease’s cloud-based product, Beacon Quality, is the leading platform for layered process audits (LPA) and other quality solutions for automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

With decades of experience helping companies improve visibility and control at every stage of production, our tools promote company-wide engagement and operational excellence. Our mission: Increase Quality for our customers through innovative technology that empowers people to communicate, measure, learn and improve.

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