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Ease, Inc. releases Beacon Quality 1.29 with achievement badges and a new report

On April 8th, 2019, the 1.29 release of Beacon Quality was deployed, adding some new features and a fun way to keep auditors engaged with their audits. Keep reading to learn more!

Change Location Report

The ability for an auditor to change the location of the audit before it begins has been activated for a few releases now, and we've added a report panel so you can see how often and who is using this feature:


Corrective Actions List View

For organizations that have corrective actions turned on, you have the option to see our updated list view page which now has more functionality than the existing page! You can easily search on ID, name, date ranges, custom fields and more. We're not stopping there, though, and you can expect to see more improvements in our next release for corrective actions. To see the new list view page, go to your My Profile page and opt in to the “New CA beta”. If you would like access to corrective actions for your organization, please contact your sales rep or contact us.

Auditor Engagement with Audit Achievement Badges

Keeping auditors engaged and excited about an upcoming audit can be difficult for our admins, and we’ve been hard at work to find a solution, and we’re happy to announce our first move: audit achievement badges! Over the next several weeks we'll be turning on achievement badges for completing audits. After an auditor completes enough audits to hit a milestone, they’ll see a notification and an icon in the top that displays their latest achievement. If you want to be the first to have achievement badges activated, let us know by sending us a message.


For full release notes

If you want to review the full release notes, click the menu on top right of the Beacon Quality app, click on the icon for your profile, and click on "Version 1.29". If you have any questions or would like to offer feedback, please email support@easeinc.com 


Press Contact

Gavin Drake

Ease, Inc.

+1 (949) 348-7516


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