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New & Improved in Beacon Quality 1.31

August 27th, 2019

Ease, Inc. releases version 1.31 of flagship mobile layered process audit software, Beacon Quality, with new features and improved functionality. Highlights include enhanced filtering and sorting capabilities, new list views, and a refined user interface for the mobile app. 

What’s new?

  • A brand-new list view in our Corrective Actions module provides more intuitive and effective functionality for our customers, especially now that it only lists corrective actions specific to the user’s scope.


  • Users can also now add additional ‘Customer’ and ‘Location” columns to their list view for their convenience as well as filter results by these new fields, adding an additional layer of transparency and convenience.
  • An updated main navigation menu with aesthetic changes as well as functional ones; the Profile page options has moved to the bottom left corner and the Active Site selector has moved into the side menu.


  • Daily Digest e-mails have been improved and are consistent after background processes and discrepancies were cleaned up. Audit Due e-mails- both same day and within a range - are no longer included in the Daily Digest e-mails but are rather sent out immediately.

What’s been fixed?

Mobile App Updates

  • The new mobile app home page features a modern user interface for easy and intuitive navigation and faster load times
Screenshot_20190826-142502_Beacon Dev


  • All items on a user's My Activity panel are now displayed like cards and each individual activity can be downloaded separately
  • In addition to being able to close out layered process audits in our mobile app, users can now view and close out mitigations within the app
  • Clear messages provide greater visibility for situations when there is no network connection, when an upload is on hold, and when the upload is complete
Screenshot_20190826-142718_Beacon Dev

To ensure that you're benefiting from the new mobile app features including the ones in this release, remember to keep your app updated to the latest version.

Ease, Inc.'s Beacon Quality development team is focused on meeting customer demands and providing visibility onto all aspects of the plant floor, especially when it comes to meet growth and scalability capabilities for our enterprise-level clients.

To find out more about Beacon Quality, speak with one of our team or request a free trial.  




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