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Layered Process Audit Template : Download Now!


Recorded Webinar: 10 Attributes of a Quality Champion

In this recorded webinar, we reveal the 10 characteristics that make up a Quality Champion with Murray Sittsamer of The Luminous Group.

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On-Demand Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Convince IT (& Your Boss)

Download the slide-deck and watch our webinar on-demand. Follow along as as we dive into what questions you should prepare for from your IT department, as well as your leaders, when making a software purchasing decision.

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Recorded Webinar: The State of LPA - Survey Results

Watch our recorded webinar as we review the results from our industry survey. We'll delve into new industry standards, so you can gauge how your plant floor stacks up against others. 

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Recorded Webinar: Layered Process Audit Checklist & Question Library Review

Ever wonder if you could improve your current layered process audit (LPA) question library? Then watch this fun, interactive recorded webinar with Joe Plata and Richard Ruiz. We're reviewing LPA checklists and providing suggestions on how to improve them.

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Recorded Webinar: Leveraging Mobility to Comply with Customer-Specific Requirements

Review 3 case studies with Paul Foster, Product Manager of Beacon Quality, as he takes you through this in-depth webinar, including how one company was able to achieve 53% reduction in customer defects and a 94% reduction in corrective actions requests by going mobile.

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Recorded Webinar: Implementing Process Thinking and Risk Assessment

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, AS 9100 or IATF 16949 quality management system (QMS) standards are based on process approach and incorporate new requirements for the business context and risk assessment. To implement a new or upgrade a QMS for compliance to new requirements, Praveen Gupta shares practical ways to implement the process approach and risk assessment and mitigation methods. 

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Recorded Webinar: LPAs 101

Watch one of our most highly attended webinars, Layered Process Audits 101 with Murray Sittsamer of The Luminous Group as he walks you through the basics of LPAs, constructing quality questions, and creating a culture of quality. 

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On-Demand Webinar: LPAs - Getting Executives and Top Leaders to Buy-In

Having trouble getting your top leadership team to participate and ‘buy-in’ to your Layered Process Audit program? It’s a common issue we hear about time and again. Listen to Murray Sittsamer of The Luminous Group for another engaging webinar on “LPAs: Getting Executives and Top Leaders to Buy-in”. Includes slide-deck and recording. 

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Recorded Webinar: APQP

Ali Rizwan, Director of Quality for Continental for over 11 years, has shared his expertise on Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), including details on all 5 phases and how-to overcome common roadblocks.

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Recorded Webinar: Using Data to Improve Quality - An Intro to the Beacon Quality Data Warehouse

Data is not just for the tech savvy anymore. Data, and understanding how to use it, can be a career changer for a Quality Manager, Director or VP. It means better decisions, faster response times, and proactive processes. Find out how you can use data and BI tools to better your plant floor quality. 

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Recorded Webinar: Effective Corrective Actions

Ali Rizwan, Director of Quality for Continental for over 11 years, has shared his secrets on how to hold the gains through effective corrective actions through this recorded webinar and the complete slide deck of his presentation. 

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LNS Research Webinar: Customer Quality Requirements: How to Realize Internal Value While Minimizing the Cost of Compliance

Today’s supplier must balance price, delivery, quality, and compliance requirements from customers alongside internal revenue and profitability targets.

In this webinar, Dan Jacob, Lead Quality Analyst at LNS Research, and Mark Whitworth, COO at Ease Inc, will share new research focused on successful supply-side strategies that maximize value from quality compliance and reduce its cost.

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