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Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Beacon Insights

Enterprise Solution: Full access to your data and connections to business intelligence (BI) tools

Beacon Quality Data Warehouse

Data is not just for the tech savvy anymore

Empower organizations with data

Data, and understanding how to use it, can be a career changer for a Quality Manager, Director or Vice President. It means better decisions, faster response times, and proactive processes. Beacon Quality believes in empowering organizations to maximize their data to drive quality from management to the plant floor.

Gain insights with blended data 

Beacon Insights was designed with that mission in mind. This feature allows full access to your data with connections to business intelligence (BI) tools, enabling you to blend data from multiple sources to find leading and trailing indicators, ROI to your quality programs, and thus, lucrative breakthroughs in your business.


What is a data warehouse and why do you need it with Beacon Quality?


Access to all your data

A data warehouse is a central “warehouse” of data that business analysts, data scientists, and decision makers can access through BI tools, SQL clients, and other analytical systems. Through these tools you can build customized reports and dashboards to gain new insights and monitor quality performance.

Beacon Insights is Data Warehouse

Beacon Insights is an enterprise-class relational database query and management system, designed to handle large amounts of data in multiple-stage operations.  Built on Amazon Redshift, utilizing massive parallel processing and columnar data storage, Beacon Insights puts the power of data in the customer's control with customized schemas, responsive queries, and business intelligence integration. Hundreds of BI tools already easily connect with Amazon Redshift, such as Tableau, Microsoft’s Power BI, DOMO, Alteryx, Infor, Qlik, and many others, meaning you can start extracting easy-to-understand data to make better decisions faster.

Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Business

Easily Share Reports

Have custom reports automatically emailed to you and anyone you choose. Stay on top of data, don't be overwhelmed by it.

Dashboards for Instant Visibility

Create customized dashboards for yourself, the plant floor, even your executive team and have it updated daily.

Easily Blend Data

Beacon Quality Data Warehouse, along with a business intelligence tool, allows you to blend data from ERP, QMS, and other resources to find leading or trailing indicators on quality.

What to expect with Beacon Insights

Up and running quickly

To help your analytics team get started quickly once they're connected to Beacon Insights, we offer several pre-built templates for some of the top BI tools available. As an enterprise-level system, your corporate office can have access to full business unit information, or even across business units – being able to filter based on the information they want to analyze. For more information and a live demo, please click here.