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Layered Process Audit Template : Download Now!

Quality Assurance

Catch process issues in real time before producing scrap, re-work, or a customer complaint

Beacon Quality dramatically lowers cost of quality by addressing your most at-risk areas.


Take a step toward total quality management

Rapid issue identification

Detect deviations and nonconformance earlier than with product and service inspections, thereby lowering the cost of issue correction.

Pictures to support visual standards

Display pictures within audits to contrast "good" from "not good enough" and capture photos from smartphones and tablets.

Ensure process standardization

Prevent pencil-whipping with randomized questions, rotating auditors and timed audits

Get instant insights

Custom dashboards give you a real-time snapshot of processes, no manual data entry required


Auditing the Process Whitepaper

Improve quality and compliance while reducing cost of administration and failures




Cost of Quality Whitepaper

Learn how to determine your true cost of quality                                       


Close the loop on quality and compliance


Eliminate blind spots and delays

Immediately access all your information, unlike with spreadsheets and other traditional systems.

Monitor mitigations

Allow for instant mitigation or assign and track corrective, preventative, and improvement activities.

Real time insights to identify systematic issues

Use configurable dashboards, such as Pareto charts and trendlines, to view current activities and relative performance.

Reduce administrative overhead by up to 85%

Automated audit reminders

Receive reminder emails according to the established audit schedule.

Inuitive audit scheduling

Quickly view and assign ad hoc or recurring assessment activities to your entire site, areas, teams, or auditors.

Corrective action followup

Easily assign corrective actions and issue follow ups and alerts.


Deliver immediate, substantial value

Accessible from anywhere

Enjoy painless implementation with no installation or support headaches, thanks to a web-based, zero-deployment design.

Centralized hub for all assessment types

Capture your LPA, 5S, Safety, and similar data in one place, Beacon.

Responsive, intuitive user interface

Virtually eliminate administrative overhead with shared question pools and libraries, powerful scheduling, and easy reporting.

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